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Thanks to the experience gained in many years of cooperation with compound producers and important customers in different branches, our technical staff will propose you the best solution with the most suitable material.
Following you will find some of the materials used in our production range:

FFKM: perfluorelastomer. High resistance to acids, amines, combined to a good thermal resistance (up to 320°C). The application fields space from extraction to chemical process, aerospace, pharmaceutics and semi-conductors.

FKM: fluorelastomer. Compound to be classified according to the percentage of the fluorine, to vulcanizing systems or to special resistance. Generally speaking we can identify:


  • FKM: copolymer: good chemical and thermal resistance. Applied in automotive and fluid process branches.
  • FKM: terpolymer: excellent chemical resistance to fuels, aliphatic and aromatic fluids.
  • FKM: low temperature grades: good resistance to low temperature (-30°C / - 35°C) and fluids.
  • FKM: base resistance: applied in gas and petroleum extraction industry and in chemical process
  • FKM: acids resistance : excellent resistance to acids, ketones and esters at a low molecular weight . Applied in automotive field.
  • FVMQ: fluorsilicone elastomer. Good resistance to solvents and to fuels, thanks to its performances can be compared to fluorelastomer.
  • VMQ: silicone elastomer used for production of technical articles in the industrial, automotive, medical, food, electric and electronic sectors. Thanks to its characteristics this material has a good resistance to high temperatures, is insensitive to the ozone attack and to atmospheric agents.
  • AEM: special elastomer. Good resistance to high and low temperatures, oils and refrigerant liquids, ozone and atmospheric agents.
  • ACM: elastomer mainly used in the automotive , it has good resistance to heat, to lubricating oils and to ozone.
  • ECO: elastomer with excellent resistance to oils and fuels, excellent impermeability to gases and steams, good resistance to ozone and solar rays.
  • HNBR: elastomer used in fields that require high resistance to abrasion and chemical agents, it has excellent mechanical characteristics, good heat resistance, excellent resistance to ozone, atmospheric agents, oils, lubricating oils and gases.
  • EPDM: elastomer suitable for different applications thanks to its properties of good resistance to atmospheric ageing, to high and low temperatures and to compression. Applied in many fields, among them heating.
  • NBR: elastomer used in a wide range of applications (automotive, chemical, food), ideal for oils and fuels resistance.
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